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"Prime Minister Erna Solberg and President Donald Trump January 2018"
The series "Reciprocally Yours" 2019
Acrylic painting on plywood
40 x 40 cm
1 2 3
Marianne Løvvik

In my later work, I have been reflecting upon human nature as a core source to conflicts. I believe that if we do not recognize it to be latent at all times, also within our own group and within ourselves, we will never succeed to create the just and functional society we wish to live in. The natural urge is to blame "the other", but I think the answers to the problems of society are more likely to be found by a critical glance inwards. I consider that to be my personal everyday challenge.

Membership : NBK, BKFR, LNM
E-mail : marianne(a)
Phone : (+47) 91 19 36 43
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